Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I don't appreciate your ruse, ma'am *

Dr. Joseph Caddell, an instructor of history at the North Carolina State University at Raleigh, has a new Strategic Studies Institute monograph worth checking out. In Deception 101-- Primer on Deception he compiles a useful examination of pros and cons of the use of deception in military operations across several levels of analysis. In particular, his warnings about the misuses of deception in a democracy are worth pondering. Read the whole thing.
Quasi-Non Sequitor: Perhaps it says something about my chosen profession, but I have always been fascinated/frightened with John Allen Mohammad's defense attorney's claims that he (read: JAM) orchestrated the entire DC sniper attacks as a strategem of unrelated attacks in order to conceal his true aim: the murder of his ex-wife in order to gain sole custody of his children. Applied to warfare this could cause severe headaches: multiple, non-connected, acts of seemingly random violence that use deception and obfuscation to hide the true objective until it is too late. This grows more worrisome in the current/emerging operational environment where multi-directional, sychronized swarming operations become more feasible.

* Delivered by Kevin Smith's sophomoric, yet brilliantly funny Randal Graves character from Clerks.


Blogger Saheli said...

And so you decided to just foist that infectious worry onto the rest of us, who are significantly less equipped to do anything about it than you are. Thanks so much.

Seriously, wow, that's a clever point and I'm glad someone is worrying about it. In my nightmares tonight I will salute you.

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