Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blood pressure roller-coaster

So what is it with art gallery websites that feature various bits of artwork and then, instead of providing you with information on how much it costs, provide a little note indicating that they will provide the price on application?

We will get it, by hook or by crook...

It seems to me that there are two possibilies here. The first is that they like people to email because it allows them to calculate how much of a gullible schmuck the potential buyer is ("In case you are wondering, I'm not some sort of easy mark...") and adjust the price accordingly.

The other, more likely option, it seems to me, is that it's simply a snob thing. In which case they might as well be upfront and just say "If you need to know how much it costs before buying, you can't afford it".

In fact why not go hog wild and have an introductory flash animation going "Please, no riff-raff"? Bastards.


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