Sunday, July 23, 2006

Anyway, to cut a long story short...

Well, I had planned on putting up a series of posts culminating in my* view on what the only potentially workable, albeit drastically imperfect, solution might be.

Too late...

However, it seems that events have overtaken this and the Israelis have come to this realisation themselves anyway.

Always assuming that this represents something not a million miles away from the ultimate endgame, one wonders whether the Israelis always had this in mind but were of the view that in order for the international community to actually get off their backsides and come up with an enforcement regime with teeth it was a necessity for stuff to explode. Perceptive insight or NRO Corner-style wacky horsecrap? God knows.

*deeply unoriginal


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Just on a random chance, I clicked on your site, and there you were again!!

Having been denounced in the Spectator by Dershowitz for my wimpy liberal opinions, I am with those who think his views cross the line into the unacceptable and should not be given any blog space.


10:30 PM  

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