Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Weapon of Choice

This post over at Phil Carter's Intel Dump incorporates the notable bonus of linking to a variety of Phil's other writings on the issue of torture and prisoner abuse. Phil has, entirely to his credit, I would add, been all over this issue from the very beginning - and will no doubt continue as the subject shows no sign of being exhausted and the full facts show no sign of having fully emerged at this stage. I'd urge all readers to spend some time going over Phil's work on the matter of torture, partly because I find virtually nothing in it with which to disagree and partly because it really is astonishingly extensive, as I realised to an even fuller extent when searching the Intel Dump archives while composing my post on Counterinsurgency literature. Even leaving aside the matter of Phil's commentary, the internet links from his accumulated posts over the past few months add up to a pretty comprehensive reader on the topic as it has been covered in the various news media and official reports.


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