Monday, December 13, 2004

Never in the field of human conflict has so much guff been spoken by so many to so few...

Everyone needs an outlet. For some people it's drink. For some people it's drugs. For some people it's molesting chickens. Or so I've read. For we three (at the time of writing) hearty souls it's going to be this. After long minutes of contemplation we have come to the conclusion that the best way to soothe our collective blood pressure is to sit hunched over a computer keyboard and write articles that nobody will ever read. Truly we are pioneers of the global information society, loading up the wagons and rolling out West, singeing our nasal hair on the white heat of technology.

Anyway, it was that or do some real work.

Although the aim of this website is to no small degree personal satisfaction, we will atempt to provide reasonably reliable comment on various military topics ranging from military history to contemporary security issues, as well as links to useful resources in the field. Given our backgrounds and the fact that we all lead reasonably full and busy lives with numerous committments, the focus will, in principle at least (we'll have to see how this goes...), be on quality rather than quantity. Admittedly, the nature of our schedules varies somewhat. Michael and Mark will be busy doing important high-stakes work of national importance in the glamourous, fast-moving world of international security policy. I will be watching a volatile combination of Magnum P.I., Arnold Schwarzenegger films and 80's kids TV on DVD, drinking cups of tea, swearing under my breath in the checkout queue at Tesco and occasionally attending seminars in order to horrify my peers with my actively obnoxious brand of foreign policy Realism. My contributions are therefore likely to be rather more frequent than those of my friends and also rather less good.

We will attempt to keep the site as non-political as possible, both for reasons of credibility and for reasons of professionalism. We are by nature an opinionated bunch and we each have strong political convictions which are not necessarily always in alignment. However, I think it's fair to say that one thing we do have in common is a distaste for party political hackery in times of national crisis. On that basis we should muddle through reasonably well.