Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Unpleasantness

Norm has some comments by Jonathan Sacks up.

I'm not religious (if God's worth worshipping I'm pretty sure he'll be hip to the groove enough to let it slide...), but I've long been of the view that, both morally and intellectually, the Chief Rabbi is the only man among our current crop of religious leaders (at least on the Anglican/Hellfire-bound Papist/Jewish/Muslim front) to be worth a damn. He has also been consistently cautious and not alarmist in his pronouncements regarding anti-semitism and only a few years ago he took the line that, broadly speaking, anti-semitism within the United Kingdom was not a major issue. He is not a man to cry wolf or to indulge in flamboyantly emotive rhetoric.

Over the past few years - and especially in the past 12-18 months - it has become clear that he is increasingly worried and alarmed. If he's worried so am I* - and you should be too.

*I was worried anyway from the evidence of my own eyes. But the fact that he's worried simply lends weight to the idea that I'm not just going mental.


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