Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rogue's Gallery

There's a splendid little quiz over at Harry's place. I'd urge you to check it out, if only to remind yourself quite what a bunch of nasty, nasty vicious bastards lurk under the Stop the War/MAB/Respect/SWP/etc banner and the fact that, regardless of your views on the Iraq War, these are not the sort of people with whom one should associate with good conscience.

It's actually fairly tough. Here are the ones I (think) I know.

1) I know Alain de Benoist did. Dunno about the rest.
2) Sa'ad al-Faqih
3) Tariq Ali
4) I'm guessing Sir Menzies Campbell, given that he can't go on TV these days without using the phrase "flawed prospectus".
5) Educated guess - 'Cos he's a nasty little rat-f*** c**t.
6) Alex Callinicos
7) Galloway
8) Guess - Lindsay German
9) Don't know
10) Harold Pinter. Don't know which Yanqui-peeg-dogs are supporting it.


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