Sunday, December 18, 2005

I've got my eye on you, so take your finger out your bum...

I was talking to my brother on the phone a few weeks ago and he mentioned the fact that he had been walking around town and had noticed a police poster with a large pair of eyes on it and a slogan saying, "Watching you... for your protection."

We agreed that ultimately the point may come when the country in which we both grew up is a spiritually dead husk, having cast off pretty much every value that made it a worthwhile place to live in the first instance, at which point it would become painfully necessary to move to either Canada or the United States. doesn't look nice, try your thumb instead.

Anyway, tangentially related is the story that the US government has been, allegedly illegally, poking its nose about in areas that may not, strictly speaking, have been any of its business. This has prompted a flurry of commentary on the computer-information-hyperweb-meganet ranging from allegations of criminal perfidy on the one hand and charges of treasonous undermining of the executive in wartime against the leakers of the story on the other. Daniel Nexon mounts a fairly unequivocal case for the prosecution. Phil Carter has more. James Joyner has made several posts over the past few days offering the non-hysterical case for the defence. At this point my response is going to remain limited - and may well do so permenantly as I don't feel equipped to offer a considered opinion - to having a nice hot cup of tea and a sit down. But more interesting links as (if) they emerge.


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