Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How The Axis Learned Their ABC...

For some time now I've taken the view that probably the most under-appreciated and under-rated organisation (both among the public at large and in the historiography) during the Second World War is the Royal Navy.*

However, for a variety of reasons I've spent some time recently looking at the Royal Navy's activities 1939-1945 and I'd actually like to go even further.

I reckon, and I'm prepared to take a slapping on this one**, that if you're trying to locate a Finest Hour in the Royal Navy's history you shouldn't be talking about the Seven Years War, nor even the Napoleonic Wars (yes, including Trafalgar) - I reckon you should be looking at 1939-1945.

Feel free to try to convince me otherwise.

*actually if I'm being scrupuplously fair it's probably the Royal Canadian Navy, as most historians actually take the trouble to notice that the Royal Navy existed....

**Offer closed to LSE graduates.


Blogger Alex said...

I think you're entirely right.

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