Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Gentle(ish) Madness

So I was browsing on Airminded and I found this site and with a dreary degree of predictability I now find myself in the middle of cataloguing my library.

If anyone is interested in the contents of my shelves you can find a partial catalogue of the books currently housed Oop North here. This does not feature my antiquarian collection, nor does it list the overwhelming majority of my books dealing with strategic and military historical issues as these are largely still at my flat in Westminster. As such it's fairly unrepresentative of the collection as a whole. But I suppose on the other hand it gives an insight into what I'm reading when I'm not reading about Shit Blowing Up.

I've catalogued 350-odd right now, but I reckon the entire collection, including works in London, probably clocks in at somewhere around the 1,000 level. Which is pretty big, but as nothing when compared to the sheer scariness of Chris Brooke's library.


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