Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You heard it elsewhere first...

I am informed that during the course of Prime Minister's Questions today, Patrick Mercer MP (Tory) asked the Prime Minister a question regarding British troops numbers in Iraq in the course of which the claim was made that the British commanders on the ground have requested additional manpower in order to run interdiction against manpower and materiel coming into their sector across the Iranian border and that this request had been refused. The Prime Minister replied that he was "not aware" of any such request.

However, Patrick Mercer is a retired army officer (and rather a good military historian too, actually) who is known to maintain good contacts within the forces and there seems to be a whif that something is afoot. If indeed it turns out to be true that British commanders have requested more men, expect this to be a story with legs, especially if requests for reinforcements have been rejected by Whitehall.

Keep those beady little eyes of yours skinned and an ear to the ground, gentlemen...


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