Sunday, November 20, 2005

Honey, you got real ugly...

This is pretty appalling.

Not that this Murtha bloke's right. He isn't. He's horribly, horribly wrong. Bestiality wrong. But that's not the point. He doesn't have more right to a view on this issue due to his military service than somebody who hasn't served, but he does, it seems to me, rather deserve not to be the butt of the sort of comments this gobby shrew-woman has made. Mizz Schmidt is a prime example of why whenever I hear well-fed, well-heeled GOP functionaries declaring that this, that or the other issue is "a question of character" I gag on my Marmite toast.

But Murtha is very wrong. And if the Democrats think (as some BBC journos seem to reckon) that they can win elections adopting that sort of line I think they're painfully mistaken.


Blogger Mark G. said...

The representative in question is known around Cincinnati, Ohio, as "Mean Jean" Schmidt, and apparently everyone acquainted with her fully expected this sort of thing. If Murtha hadn't been the target, and Iraq policy the excuse, it would have been some other target and some other excuse.

Evidently Schmidt won election through a sort of fluke--squeaked by with a plurality in a crowded field--and was not expected to get a second term, even before her Rottweiler imitation of last week.

7:45 AM  
Blogger J. said...

wjbzySo how is it that Murtha is horribly, horriby wrong? The US-led coalition did their job - got rid of Saddam, created a new govt, gave the Iraqi security forces the tools they need, gave a shitload of money to jumpstart the economy. Is there any reason for us to stay in there as targets for the insurgency? It's been more than enough time for us to do the job and get out. If this was WWII, we'd have been done, and if Bush/Cheney/Rummie can't do the job right, we ought not to be in there at all.

Of course I never believed we had a valid reason to go into Iraq in the first place - containment/sanctions were working fine from my point of view. But Murtha's idea of pulling out over a six-month period - which takes away the insurgency's argument about an occupying power - and keeping a reaction force in Kuwait as a guard against civil war in Iraq really could work well. It's at the least better than "staying the course," and no one in the Rethug party has any better options.

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