Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Robert Citino has a new book out. I personally rate his two-part work on the development of operational warfare highly and I look forward to seeing what interpretations he comes up with. Any attempt to espy a consistent "way in warfare" from the 18th century to the fall of Berlin runs the risk of running into generalisation and selectivity, but on the evidence of his previous work I suspect that Citino will give a balanced, if not uncontroversial, account of German military merits and flaws. Might well be worth checking out - and if you're American it's so bloody cheap!

Also, Robert Doughty's latest book is out. Any serious treatment of the French part in the Great War in the English language is very welcome indeed and I look forward to reading it. For a long time my pat contribution to any conversation or debate regarding gaps in the historiography of the war was that we needed a decent English language treatment of the French role - Anthony Clayton's "Paths of Glory" eventually emerged to fill the gap to a good degree; I suspect that Doughty's work is likely to take things somewhat further.


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