Saturday, August 06, 2005


The focus of this site is meant to be on broadly non-political things of a serious nature, so I'll try to make this the last post of its type for a while but until then...

Fresh from claiming that the London bombings were quite possibly not carried out by Muslims and that al Qaeda is a plot cooked up by the CIA, the chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, one of the biggest, if not the biggest in the UK, has announced that the Prime Minister is akin to Hitler and that proposed anti-terror legislation could be the first step in a project not unlike Nazi treatment of the Jews.

While we wait for his constituents, who purely by the law of averages must largely be made up of the Overwhelming Majority Of Moderate Muslims, to condemn the chairman's statements over the past fortnight and demand his resignation, I suggest passing the time by laughing at his hilarious wig.


Oh lawks, looks like there's no point waiting. It's not that I am not acutely aware of the possible civil liberties implications of new anti-terror legislation. Nor, in fairness, can moderate Muslims be expected to come grovelling every time one among their number says something crappy. However, this is a running story regarding a major figure within the British Islamic community and I do find the apparent deafening silence annoying. Apart from criticism from the local Labour MP, who is a Muslim, everyone else seems more or less willing to give him a silent pass and his constituents appear to endorse him. It would be a substantial boon, in my view, if somebody from the MCB or a similar groups was prepared to come forward and say, "Actually, unrepresentative though they were, it is very hard to dispute that the London bombers were Muslims. Actually, al Qaeda is not a fraudulent concoction of the CIA and is a real threat that we need to deal with, though we may differ on quite how to do that. And actually, although we may have civil-liberties related concerns regarding the imposition of new terrorism legislation and we feel these need to be subject to intense scrutiny, it is neither helpful nor reasonable for one of the major public authority figures in our community to compare the Prime Minister to Adolf Hitler." But apparently that is too much to ask.


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You'll be waiting a long time for somebody from the MCB to do any criticising ... ;-)

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