Thursday, July 07, 2005

Oh dear

I'm afraid that as things stand I'm too tired to write anything meaningful on today's events after all though I'll be sure to put something up tomorrow (or possibly tonight if I perk up a bit later - though frankly I think any coverage may benefit from an extra bit of sober reflection). If you want some stuff that demonstrates the correct sort of spirit, I suggest Andrew Sullivan. If overblown assertions (if we're looking at a 40-strong cell I'll eat my hat) and superficially-impressive-but-actually-extremely-flimsy-and-premature extrapolation are more your bag, the Belmont Club should be your first stop.

In other news, The Professor has various good bits and bobs, Greg Djerejian has a more nuanced version of the Belmont Club argument, the Yorkshire Ranter has gone mental (but may have calmed down by now) and Andrew Stuttaford appears to have been drinking heavily of the 1914-revisionism Kool-Aid.


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