Friday, July 22, 2005

For want of anything better to do...

I've been struggling to come up with some military history content recently with no success, so I've decided to post up one of my essays from last academic year on industrialisation and warfare. I've tweaked it very slightly but it's largely as originally presented. Please excuse a horrible, negligent error in the endnotes (they appear as footnotes in the original essay, but endnotes plays better on the site). Correct form is that chapters in edited works should be cited by chapter author and title as well as book editor and book title. I neglected to do this and frankly deserved to get my wrists slapped because it's not exactly rocket science. But anyway.

The essay took a very solid First, but the more I look at it the more I would like to change a lot of it - a feeling I get with all my essays regardless of grade. Some things added, some things taken out, newly discovered sources incorporated. But no. Particularly I'd have liked to go into the development of the rifle in a similar manner to my treatment of the artillery piece, but a fixed word limit rendered this impossible. I may have something to say on rifle development - with specific regard to the Dreyse needle gun - in a seperate post. We'll see.

Anyway, hope you find it moderately interesting. I loathe monocausal explanations and techno-centrism and I always emphasise themes of continuity over revolutionary change, as you can probably tell. If it makes you want to put your head through your computer monitor, you know my email address.


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