Saturday, June 11, 2005


As I said earlier today, a couple of changes are coming up. Since we rather tentatively started this site over the Christmas period, Mark hasn't really found the impetus or the enthusiasm for it - which is pretty understandable as this is meant to be a pleasure, not a chore and he's holding down a Very Important Job - and is stepping down indefinitely. Hopefully I'll pry a guest post or two out of him at some point in the future or perhaps he'll find himself in the mood again in which case, huzzah!

As well as a departure there's also an arrival (as soon as I can figure out the procedeure behind it, which I can't remember any more) in the form of Terry Daly. Terry is a retired Reserves Lieutenant Colonel in military intelligence who did grassroots, village-level counterinsurgency work in Vietnam and has done postgrad study in military history. He's a leading advocate of The Galula Book and he's probably forgotten more about COIN than I'm ever going to know. I can say from experience that he knows what he likes - this is lent an extra degree of weight by the fact, in my opinion at least, that he's usually right.

So there you have it. These changes will come into effect as soon as I've done sufficient grappling with the Blogger mechanics.