Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Says what he likes and likes what he bloody well says...

I'm going to be sticking a couple of extra sites onto the links section over the next few days. Do take a shufti.

One of the sites I'm going to add is the Yorkshire Ranter. It's a bit overtly political (to the Left - and highly critical of the whole Iraq project and much of the GWoT in general) and he's from Yorkshire, which compounds the fact because that means he Knows What He Likes, but there's a string of very high quality posts, a number of which hit niche areas that you really won't see elsewhere.

Notable among these are this superb must-read piece with scans from a British WW2 military handbook on how to operate among the natives in Tunisia, this Iraq piece which draws on three stories that had passed me by until I found them on his site and this positive response (in contrast to my sceptical one) regarding Phil's post on the dearth of Arab-language training in the US armed forces.

Do check them out.

Oh, he also thinks the Home Office should be put in the bin. I feel an emotional twang at this as I rather like the fact that we've got a "Home Office" as opposed to some ghastly Interior Ministry or whatnot. That said, the idea of shunting a few sinecured, nanny-statist, meddling civil servants out on their arses does appeal. And he's right that they do have roughly three ideas between them and they're all crap.


Blogger Alex said...

Thank you very much. As I've said before, I'm especially impressed to see that you have the ghost of Field-Marshal Templer in your cupboard. Is he going to be let out again any time soon?

6:35 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...

He's currently in a huff because he thinks I don't have enough inspiration recently to write intricately crafted, whimsical blog posts. Maybe if I can turn that around he'll be prepared to honour us with further commentary. Until then...

9:14 AM  

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