Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Red Chinese Crack Down On Blogs

This is an interesting and unwelcome development. That said, it should hardly come as a surprise. The PRC already employs a startlingly large number of people (I don't have the figures to hand [from Shambaugh, my copy of which is in London] but unless my memory was way off we're talking a 5 figure number) simply to moniter internet traffic 24 hours a day, at home and abroad, often trawling websites manually.

That said, were I in charge of the security services of a paranoid authoritarian regime, I think I might be more inclined to play it softly softly and lure undesirables into elaborate sting operations. But ho hum.


Blogger TM Lutas said...

First of all, thank you for calling them Red China and standing up to the effort these people have been making to paint a false picture of themselves as just China. They are not.

I do note that in the article somebody did not register because he was told that no independent site would gain authorization. This is actually a pretty frequent sting. You tell the independents not to register, the independents don't register, you bust them for not registering. It's much more embarrassing for the PRC government for sites on horticulture, geology, etc. to attempt to register and be denied because they occasionally branch out into social commentary than for them not to register and be busted for non-registration. It may not be an elaborate sting operation but it is a sting and the independent blog interviewed fell for it.

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