Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Project

There's an article on the current internal conflict in the EU in the Times today that is so upbeat it's borderline masturbatory.

I'd love to think it was all true. Colour me sceptical though.There's been a lot of briefing coming out of the FCO recently and I think some of this coverage is a little bit credulous, in spite of the positive coverage in the foreign press. As the article tacitly acknowledges at the end, we've been here before, when we were informed that a tide of British-led reform was all set to sweep the continent. Didn't happen.

And on a final note, does anyone seriously think that the notion of a "Rome-London Axis" is anything but an enormous, steaming pile of tripe? One of my key stances over the past few years was that the Anglo-Spanish-Italian internal EU alliance was a house built on sand and it gave me a substantial amount of bitter satisfaction when I proved to be correct.


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