Monday, June 20, 2005

Non-French Foreign Legion

Max Boot gives his ideas for an American version of the French Foreign Legion another airing. Phil Carter has some excellent commentary up.

I wrote about this when he first came up with the idea and I think there may be something in it in some form rather removed from exactly what Boot is proposing - though I think Britain even more than the US should look carefully at something like it. So I won't restate my comments here.

Apart from the fact that he still seems fixed, apparently with a straight face, on the notion of calling it "The Freedom Legion" and that if it was actually called that, I expect blood to spontaneously erupt, as though propelled by a high-pressure hose, from every orifice in my body.

UPDATE: Somebody has asked me why I an so sceptical regarding the name "Freedom Legion", the assumption apparently being that I am impugning American motives. Not so. I suppose this showcases one of the differences between British and American conservatives. As a Brit I associate names that ostantatiously parade something's creamy goodness as being inherently suspect. The same way that a country with "People's" or "Democratic" in the name is likely to be anything but. I think this suspicion is grounded in Burke and runs from the French Revolution to modern communist states, via early 20th century fascism. To an American, "Freedom Legion" may well evoke the image a legion concerned with Freedom. To most Brits - and certainly to me - it sounds at best toe-curlingly embarassing, at worst vaguely like some sort of paramilitary street gang of the sort continental Europeans with Ideas and Theories like to come up with shortly before it becomes necessary for us to go over there and give them a bloody good kicking. The substance is completely different, of course. But you're not going to make me believe other than that it's an absolutely ghastly name, any more than you're going to convince me that the current Labour government's passion for naming all its funny little projects and fancies "The People's something-or-other" is something other than a load of old historically-deaf nonsense.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally I found a forum where the ida of an American foreign legion is ut forth! I have been planning to write to some high US official about this roposal, but since I'm an Asian residnet, it was difficult for me. Thanks to the proponents here, therefore. Most importantly, I wish to volunteer myself if ever such unit will be formed.

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