Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Zu, at Zu's Musings makes an interesting point:

I watched The Dirty Dozen over the weekend and I have one question. How did they think they were going to sneak Jim Brown inside of Germany for a covert mission? I mean, it's not like a giant african-american dude is going to blend in real well amongst the populace.

Bizarrely, this had never occured to me before. And now he points it out, I'm not sure how it hadn't. In fact the more I think about it it's almost as bad as the moment in Jaws: The Revenge when the shark swims into view and you can see underneath it into the hollow insides, wooden support struts and all.


Blogger J. said...

In all fairness, Jim Brown (and Carl Weathers in "Force 10 from Navarone") weren't dressing up in German uniforms, they were staying under cover and out of sight. You could say the same for any of the caucasians that didn't sprechen Deutch - and from what I've heard, even the Americans that can sprechen (Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson), you can hear the American accent.

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