Monday, June 20, 2005

Doing Less With Less - Unethical Book Plug, No. 3,185

Paul Robinson of Hull University, who is one of our readers and can (very) occasionally be found lurking in the comments boxes has a new short book coming out that might well be of interest.

The title, "Doing Less with Less", tells the story. Paul has been a long standing critic of the development of an "expeditionary" defence policy for the UK and believes that assumptions that defence spending should stay more or less fixed or should rise are badly misplaced. I've mischaracterised Paul's views in the past so I'm wary of providing sweeping generalisations of his views, but I think it's fair to say that he takes the broad stance that extensive intervention abroad causes as many or more problems than it solves. He also takes the view - supported by a number of IR scholars - that, contrary to popular perception, the world is actually a lot safer now than it was a decade ago.

Anyway, it should prove to be an interesting read, especially if you want something challenging and provocative. I know that we've got some British lefties who read this too and given that a number of them advocate reduced defence spending I'd strongly recommend they put their copies of Chomsky and Pilger to one side (preferably the side of the toilet where you'd normally keep the loo roll) and get hold of a copy of this.

It's also already received a very positive reception from Jeremy Black, which is invariably a good sign.

It's going to be available from both and, so if you're in the mood for something to either challenge or reinforce your prejudices, do check it out.


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