Tuesday, June 28, 2005

As I speak...

I'm rummaging through the "blogosphere" (so-called) for reactions to the POTUS speech and I happened upon this new post at Belgravia Dispatch (based on an article by a former Reagan administration official) that, I'm cock-a-hoop to say, very solidly backs up what I was just saying, re: troop numbers:

You keep saying that you are giving our generals all the troops they want. With all respect, sir, this couldn’t possibly be true. In the history of the world there has never been a general who thought he had enough troops. If your generals are telling you they have all the troops they want to finish the job in Iraq, either the generals are idiots – or they have gotten the word that asking for more troops will end their careers. Sit down with your generals privately – just you and them -- and find out how many troops they really think they need. If they still insist they don’t want more troops on the ground in Iraq, then get yourself a new bunch of generals.

Haha. When I'm good, I'm... well... fairly good.


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