Saturday, June 11, 2005

Arms and The Man

I'm going to be posting a couple of thing up later tonight including the announcment of some changes, but right now I'm about to pop out and do some food shopping.

However, this caught my eye.

Read it all.

Money quotes:

The Right to Bear Arms is the only reliable way to prevent genocide in the modern world.


Arm Zimbabwe's opposition. Now.

But read it all.

I need to digest this. I may have something to say on it later, I may not. What I will do, however, is invite readers to discuss the matter in the comments box. Or if that doesn't appeal, email me and if you aren't mental (not that any of our readers are) I'll try to post some responses up on the site.

To start the ball rolling my gut response is; provocative idea, but no cigar. But as I say I really need to think about it and perhaps come up with something more detailed.


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