Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shock Predictive Accuray

Readers may recall that a little while back, I posted regarding nominations for the 2005 Duke of Westminster's Medal for Military Literature.

Well, the results are in. I noted at the time:

So who will win? Well as I say, my record on this is not promising, but
seeing as I have no emotional stake in the outcome I'll stick my neck out and
say the clever money is on Command of the Ocean.

And I'm as surprised as I am pleased to announce that I was bang on. I have recently acquired a copy of the book and I'm glad I delayed frankly because had I got my grasping little hands on it earlier I would no doubt have jinxed the whole process by actually WANTING it to win. At which point it would have been doomed to crash, burn and get remaindered and subsequently pulped.

The most recent edition of the RUSI Journal carries reviews of all the shortlisted books and I have to say that I've got a hankering to get hold of pretty much all of them, especially David Stevenson's one-volume history of the Great War which received a very appreciative review from Brian Bond and which may end up filling a rather unfortunate gap in the market.


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