Monday, May 23, 2005


Interesting post on the late Colonel David Hackworth at the Civil War Bookshelf.

My views on Hackworth are mixed (though largely positive - especially with regard to his advocacy in the field of solders' welfare), but my impressions of him are gleaned largely from reading his accumulated output as archived on his website and so I felt that I was perhaps not especially well equipped to comment in the wake of his death (and let's face it, whatever his flaws I can't see myself notching up anything like his achievements by the time I pop my clogs) so for once I kept my mouth shut. I do find the CWBookshelf post interesting though, because I found myself tihnking of Liddell Hart and (especially) Fuller when reading it and it made me wonder whether there is a certain "type" that can be found to make up a substantial chunk of the ranks of military iconoclast (or non-military ones for that matter). Certainly there is a debate to be had regarding the point at which purity in theory and personal convictions generate a lack of practicality and a friction in personal relationships that begins to outweigh their benefits.


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