Sunday, May 15, 2005

...And Introducing Robin Lane Fox

A while back I attended a very enjoyable and enlightening talk and Q&A with Robin Lane Fox at the RUSI. I am pleased to announce that audio of the event is now available at the RUSI website.

Key points from RLF's talk:

- Don't snigger at the ambitions of young men.
- Old geezers can fight.
- So can gays.
- Unlike horses when confronted by elephants.
- And any old geezers and gays who may be mounted on said horses when they are confronted by elephants.
- There is a significant amount of value, when formulating theories regarding the tactical conduct of war from written sources, in actually trying to recreate what you're arguing as closely as possible to see whether there is a gap between theory and actual practicality.

In addition, from the RUSI frontpage, you can listen to the chief, Rear Admiral Cobbold, being interviewed on the Today programme regarding the potential renewal of British nuclear capability (along with Caroline Lucas spouting pious guff and Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, making it abundantly clear he hasn't the first idea what he's talking about).


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