Wednesday, April 27, 2005


It appears the JSF may be in trouble. My main worry about this is that if it does go belly up I'm not sure exactly what the implications are going to be for the Royal Navy's carrier programme. I THINK that when the designs were drawn up, safeguards were put in so that the absence of a STOVL plan would mean that only relatively minor design adjustments would result in a workable design for conventional takeoff. If not, the British naval establishment could end up ankle deep in the brown mushy stuff.


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Come on. The British Navy may yet thank their stars that they aren't getting a jet fighter that costs so much they can't afford to fly it, let alone lose one in combat. They've invested too much in this gold watch and now its project parameters have overshot its operational value. John Boyd was right when he chose a single engine F16 over the flashier two-engine F-18. It's the pilot and a fast, responsive plane that wins the airbattles. Somehow the fighter mafia forgot that in trying to make the one toy for all purposes.

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