Saturday, April 02, 2005

Right Wing Spin Machine Lumbers Into Action

I am livid. This Weekly Standard article is a disgrace.

Today there arrives Sin City and if nothing else can be said for it, there is this: It's the biggest gimmick movie of our time. Not only is Sin City adapted from a series of Frank Miller comic books; not only is it shot mostly in black and white with some splashes of color; not only was it made almost entirely with computer-generated sets; not only does it feature an all-star cast of some 18 above-the-line actors; not only does it boast of having three directors; but one of these directors is a "special guest director" who goes by the handle Quentin Tarantino. As gimmicks go, this is pretty strong stuff.

And as a piece of cinema, it's clearly superior to Clue.

NOTHING is superior to Clue.


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