Monday, April 18, 2005

Chicken-powered nukes - the wave of the future?

It is a commonly held view that the United States is the greatest country in the world and there is much empirical evidence to back this up.

But for all your innovation, hard work, wealth, vitality, creativeness and sense of purpose, you never built a gigantic chicken-powered nuclear landmine.

So I think we win the moral victory, frankly.

In older news, the MI14 Pigeon Committee.

British spy chiefs secretly considered training pigeons to fly into enemy targets carrying explosives or biological weapons, it has been revealed.

British intelligence set up a "pigeon committee" at the end of World War II to ensure expertise gained in the use of the birds to carry messages was not lost.

Documents now released to the National Archives reveal that the War Office intelligence section, MI14, warned: "Pigeon research will not stand still; if we do not experiment, other powers will."


He believed his "revolutionary" ideas could change the way wars were fought, and had the tentative backing of wartime MI6 chief Sir Stewart Menzies.

However the internal security service MI5 branded Rayner a "menace in pigeon affairs".


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