Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Things mostly balance out in the end...

Britain and Europe,

Writes Karma Nablusi in the Guardian today,

Are funding Israel's occupation and expansion.

Yeah, and we're funding Palestinian Authority overseas slush funds, a Palestinian education system that is - hopefully not for much longer if Mr Abbas is as good as his word - a veritable conveyor-belt of antisemitic incitement (in defiance of repeated agreements with the EU in exchange for money - agreements the EU seems consistently disinclined to enforce) and a Palestinian security apparatus that routinely employs torture against suspects (which I think we're meant to be against), lynches alleged "collaborators" (which I KNOW we're meant to be against) and mysteriously cannot find the resources to tackle Palestinian terrorists, but CAN find the resources to fund and support a vital flying squad dedicated to seeking out and beating mushy any deviant homosexualists (they might get a bit uppity if not put in their place, I suppose - they'll be demanding the right to visit each other in hospital soon, you mark my words...) who might be braindead enough to still live in Palestinian-controlled territory.

I figure, call it even.


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