Friday, January 21, 2005

There's gonna be some changes made...

Gotta be quick here, as I'm going to an event on artillery development in WW1 in less than half an hour.

Due to a horrific communications error (made entirely in good faith), one of my tutors who has been reading this site for a while emailed the URL to my fellow War Studies students yesterday. This isn't really a problem, though frankly I rather liked not being held a hostage to fortune when dishing out my opinions, but it is going to have something of an impact in that the multi-part treatment of the current state of military history I promised will not now be posted until late March, as it stems from research conducted in the preparation of an academic essay and if any students were to read it it could conceivably be prejudicial to the integrity of one of the essays required to be submitted between now and the end of this semester. Sorry to any readers who have been sitting with clammy hands and clenched buttocks waiting for it.

I don't know whether any of the people on the course are going to bother reading this, but if so I thought it might be worthwhile at this stage to make things easy by compiling links to some of the better (in my view) posts to have appeared here since we started over the Christmas period:

The American Way of Battle - ([Michael] with a very interesting link)
Loose Lips Sink Ships - ([Anthony] critique of media coverage of British redeployment in Iraq prior to the presidential election)
Count Pointer-Count ([Michael and Anthony] present differing views on possible British special operations forces expansion)
Blame only the civilians at DoD? ([Michael] on why only blaming Rumsfeld and co doesn't cut it)
A Prudent Plan on Action? ([Anthony] arguing that Bill Kristol doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to Syria)
It works in Practice... ([Michael] links to various IR articles which will help you in Contemporary Security Issues)
Let's play a fun game - it's called "Get a Grip" ([Anthony] slagging off the Belmont Club and internet echo chamberism in general)
Not Just a River in Egypt ([Mark] on the state of the COIN effort in Iraq)
E Ticket Ride in Fantasy Land ([Mark] on complete absence of Iraq Phase IV planning)
Non-Anonymous Prescriptions ([Michael] on tricky alliances and proxy forces)
Mouldy Persian Rug ([Anthony] bum-raping Michael Ledeen's intellectual coherence and why democracy may not be a universal panacea)
Good Points, Badly Made ([Anthony] taking on VDH's assertions that America is some sort of international charity)
Ho Chi Minh's Flying Circus ([Anthony] Why Cliff Rogers of the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies doesn't really get Vietnam and really doesn't get Iraq)
Anthony! Please! ([Mark] Why I was far, far too kind and lenient toward Clifford Rogers)
Cost-Benefit Nit-Pickery ([Anthony] Why "staying the course" is a meaningless slogan as regards Iraq)
Well, We Warned You They'd Be Irregular ([Mark] A continuation of the Iraq dialogue)
I Don't Appreciate Your Ruse Ma'am ([Michael] The role of deception in military operations)
Tales From The Far Side ([Anthony] VERY obscure satire. If you aren't aware of various funny little internal ideosyncrasies within the international security community it will probably be meaningless to you)
Budget-centric Warfare ([Michael] A look at proposed defence cuts)
Witness for the Prosecution ([Anthony] The case for firing Donald Rumsfeld and why his defenders ultimately do not convince)
A Muppet Christmas With Zbigniew Brzezinski (Links to forum with Zbig and Brent Scowcroft)
Bouncing Bettys ([Anthony] Why the US is, on balance, justified in not signing up to an international land mine ban)


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