Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lucky Charms

Murder of Catholic widow and mother "not a crime", says Sinn Fein chairman.

Some context: Jean McConville was a working class Catholic, a Belfast resident, a widow and a mother of ten. In 1972 she commited a heinous crime. Following a street battle between British troops and IRA elements, a British soldier, mortally wounded, lurched into her front garden, collapsed on her front step and gasped for water. Mrs McConville brought him a glass of water.

A few days later, the IRA meted out justice for this ghastly action by abducting her, shooting her in the back of the head and burying her body on a beach.

The IRA denied the killing, taking the stance that she had run away and abandoned her children. The children were split up and placed in care.

In 1999, 27 years on, the IRA seemed to get over their memory lapse and admitted that they had actually killed her. They gave vague directions to the police over where the body could be found, but searches proved unsuccessful. In 2003, Mrs McConville's body was found when it was stumbled over by a walker.

It is common (though denied by Sinn Fein) knowledge that Gerry Adams was Belfast Brigade commander for the IRA in 1972.


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