Saturday, January 01, 2005

Greek Tragedy

A Greek policeman assigned to guard the British military attache to Greece has been murdered. One hopes that this does not represent the start of a trend. It's far too early, of course, to conclude that this may be the first sign of a November 17 resurgence, but it's certainly worrying. Greece does not have a good record - I choose my words carefully here - in the matter of fighting terrorism and indeed November 17 was only broken up after they killed a high enough ranking target for the British and American governments to put intense diplomatic pressure on the Greek government to get their fingers out in the run-up to the Olympic Games. There was also a not-insignificant amount of support for November 17 among the Greek people (Greek politics tends to showcase an unappetising combination of hardline socialism and hardline nationalism), where anti-Americanism and Anglophobia are commonplace.So we shall see. Worth keeping an eye on this, though.


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