Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Frank Gaffney - Bush Administration Composed of Cads, Bounders, Knaves and Slywinking Left-wingery Merchants

The ubiquitous Frank Gaffney feels hard done by by the Bush administration and outlines a critique of recent announcements of defence programme cancellations and savings measures.

I tend to feel that a penny spent on defence is a penny well spent (in principle - when it's spent on high tech nonsense that exists in a strategic vacuum you might as well blow it all on cheese), but I think it's unfortunate that Mr Gaffney's criticisms seem to revolve largely around a desire to save various high technology legacy systems. Personally, I think canning some of the things on Mr Gaffney's list would be among the best things the current administration has done.

What the heck is Wheatus anyway? Some sort of yeast infection?

The public understands the need for, and is prepared to make, sacrifices in time of war. Mr. Bush must ask them to do so — and avoid unduly increasing those already asked of our military.

Mr Gaffney does not specify precisely what sacrifices the public should make in order to fund the US armed forces to a sufficiently robust standard. I can only assume that a clarion call for the repeal of various tax cutting initiatives was blooming on the tip of his tongue but had to be excised for want of column space. I also note that while clearly dismayed and harbouring a - surely justified, given the level of dishonesty, strategic rashness and political chicanery he alleges - sense of deep personal betrayal toward the Bush administration, Mr Gaffney makes no recommendations regarding how the current administration should be punished or brought to book. Perhaps given the iniquitous behaviour to which he has been forced to bear witness Mr Gaffney would join me in calling in no uncertain terms for the resignation of the current Secretary of Defence.

I imagine all that will be in his next column...


Blogger Josh Jasper said...

How about just a 'sacrifice' of 70% the SDI research funding? That'd allow us to keep tax cuts.

11:31 AM  

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