Friday, January 07, 2005

Expert Witness for the Prosecution

Fred Kagan on why Rumsfeld should be ditched.

Incidentally, Kagan cites VDH as having mounted the best defence of Rumsfeld. I disagree - though VDH's contributions have generally been better than the boilerplate some other people have thrown into the mix. I think these two pieces are both better. The problem is that while what they say is spot on, they deliberately choose very selective ground on which to fight and don't deal with the string of other issues that - in my view - add up to the fact that Rumsfeld deserves to be canned. In order for them to ultimately convince, they'd have to demonstrate to me not only that transformation outweighs everything else, but also that Don Rumsfeld is the only person in the US defence community capable of pusing through said reforms.

As things stand I am solidly unconvinced on both counts.


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