Monday, January 03, 2005

Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight. (P.S. No dancing. Or shagging.)

Crikey! $750 to hang out with Bill Buckley!

That's, what, £450 in real money!

I think on principle I might have to hold a rival high-powered gathering for opinion formers and public intellectuals at my swanky Pimlico love hutch.* I'm thinking £35.46 a head and I'll get a frozen quiche in from Tesco.**

*The words "swanky" and "love hutch" are used in the broadest sense and are not intended to imply swankiness or the possibility of emotional goodwill and/or sexual congress. Unless you're the person who said that I was a fascist in the comments section, in which case nasty, nasty bedroom gymnastics are pretty much guaranteed.

**Bring your own teabags.


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