Thursday, December 23, 2004

Historical Pornography

I've been working on an extended and highly modified adapatation of an essay I've written on the current state of military history for posting on this site. Given its length I plan to post it up in parts (at current measure probably at least four) over the next few weeks. The first part will go up at some point after Christmas Day.

You must understand that I don't expect readers to get... er... clammy with excitement over this, but I figure that if I make this post it means that I will feel obliged to get on with finishing it and getting it posted and, thus committed, will be less likely to spend the entirety of the next two weeks sitting on my arse, eating and drinking myself into insensibility, playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and watching the entire series of 1980s cartoon series Dungeons and Dragons on DVD.

Damn it! I don't have to justify myself to you...


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